Cats for Adoption

Adopt one of our sweet kitties or kittens.
We can help with anything that you need.
No adoption fee...
Assistance with costs and or supplies...
Answers to your questions any time of day or night...
Spay. neuter and shots all provided at no cost to you...
All the kitties need is a loving home and a welcoming family.
Taken in 12/15/2011
We have 2 of 4 kittens left from this litter.  They were found in my friend's garage all together.  Got them spay, neuter, shots, and socialized them.
See Gus's page on the site (gray) - he got adopted in 2012 and is doing great.
See Moe aka Moshi Moshi's page on this site (tuxedo w/ white dot) - he got adopted in Oct 2012!
Still left are: Mama (black w white stripe on face)- Female, and Hawk (all black) - Male
Available at our shelter for visit.
(Mama in picture)



Jade (Mama Kitty)
Taken in 11/2012
Spayed.  Available at our shelter or to come for visit.
She's playful and a very good cat who loves to spin and roll around while being pet.  Litter trained and very adorable.