Our Mission

We are a privately funded rescue for cats that live in the local area.  The main focus of this rescue is to trap and spay/neuter ALL of the free roaming neighborhood cats.  The cats are also given their necessary rabies and distemper shots. ONE ear is given a special square tip (while the kitty is under for his or her surgery) which indicates that it has been done. 

*Neighbors who see the squared off ear tip can rest assured that the free roaming cat is NOT out reproducing and passing around any sicknesses.

Free roaming cats live in most neighborhoods.  This is just a fact.  Cats, like all animals, are innocent creatures that need people to give them a break.  Several people currently donate to our rescue with items including: cat food, blankets, towels, and money towards the cat vetting.  Our goal is to have ALL of the local cats fixed so that the population does not increase over time.  Then the cats can be released to live their lives.  We feel that this is rescuing the cats.  The benefit to us is that we don't end up with tons of new kittens every spring.

We started in summer of 2008.  So far we have fixed about 50 cats via our rescue and adopted out 16!!

View the Happy Tails page to see the adopters and their kitties.